Character Ideas

Here's some ideas for characters, in no particular order. They'll include the race and class, and then suggestions for what you could do with the rest. Feel free to use these as ideas for a character sheet if you want to.

  • Keep in mind these are in no particular order.
  • Elf Ranger:

    With an elf ranger build, you could re-create Link from The Legend of Zelda. Give it a sage background and you could get Link from Ocarina of Time. Pick the sailor background and you could get Link from the Wind Waker.

    Alternatively, you could go Elf Druid instead, choose Circle of the Moon when it becomes avaliable and become Wolf Link (from Twilight Princess).

    Even better, pick Beast Master as your Ranger Archetype and you could ride Epona around the battlefield! If you need it to be better still, take Longstrider as a spell and use it on the horse.

    Of course, you'd want LG as alignment (Lawful Good), and preferably a longsword if you're going to go all the way with it.

    Aarakocra Ranger:


    But in all seriousness, you could play an Aarakocra Ranger build who constantly bombards his enemies with arrows from the sky. Even better if you take spells like Spike Growth, Hail Of Thorns, Conjure Barrage, Lightning Arrows, Plant Growth, etc.

    Of course, the best part will be when you get Conjure Volley and basically re-enact the famous scene from 300. The more friends do this build with you, the better.

    Neither Alignment nor background would need to be different than the normal that an Aarakocra would get, but it's a fun idea for a campaign.

    Tabaxi Rogue:

    There are two really fun ideas with this combination:

    The first one is to basically play a compulsive stealer. Not necessarily a criminal, but just someone who loves shiny trinkets way too much. Although of course, you could go for the whole nine yards and play with the Criminal background. I'd recommend things such as Archaeologist, Criminal, Outlander, Hermit, etc. for the background, and to use Constitution (or possibly Charisma?) as a dump stat. Alignment would probably be closer to neutral or evil, though you could make it good with just a very unfortunate habit.

    The second fun thing to do with this build would be to basically become a parkour expert. Dexterity as high as you can get it, with decent points in things like Strength and Con. Bump up your skills in Acrobatics, Stealth, Perception and Athletics. You'd probably want Intellegence or Charisma to be a dump stat, and background could be just about anything. Alignment could also be just about anything.

    Kenku Bard:

    An odd combination to be sure, but not an unusable one.

    You could, depending on how lax your DM is, attempt to learn to speak through your instrument, similar to how if you convert a song with lyrics to MIDI, you can still hear the lyrics. Of course, this wouldn't be as effective as normal speaking, but it'd still be fun to try. Literally letting your music speak for you would be a cool concept.

    Also, You could basically echo back your own music, similar to a delay pedal. Of course, all Kenku can do this due to the fact they have Mimicry, but it's fun to try out.

    As far as the actul character build goes (I.E, alignment, skills, background, etc.), they could be just about anything that matches with Bard already.